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Casting Call

If you’re a New York City teacher, student,  or someone who works in and around education with something to say, we’d like to give you a couple minutes on our stage!

TEDxNYED is holding an open casting call for speakers who can deliver an amazing lesson or tell an incredible story in several minutes. Those selected will take the stage with the rest of the TEDxNYED 2013 speakers this spring.

As a comment below, leave a link to an original video no more than one minute long posted online telling us why you’d like to speak. Don’t pre-record your whole talk, but give us an idea of how you’d move the TEDxNYED audience — be as funny, serious, dramatic, or provocative as you’d like and let us know why we should pick you.

Submissions are due by February 28 — get yours in now!

  • http://twitter.com/donbuckley don buckley

    Basil, would be honored and excited to participate at TEDx 2013..take a look…don


  • Dirk DeLo

    I’m Interested in sharing what we’ve learned about making our courses all digital in our 1 + 1 program. Teachers don’t need to create etextbooks from scratch, but instead become curators of digital content in a dynamic student centric learning environment.


  • http://twitter.com/kristenswanson Kristen Swanson

    I’d love to participate by sharing how ideas from inside education can become viral and touch those outside education. I’d share several examples of viral ideas as well as practical strategies for amplifying a message. http://www.showme.com/sh/?h=oTWJfw8

  • http://twitter.com/Foleysquared Jim Foley

    Thanks for putting this program together, Basil! I’d love to talk about the importance of leadership development in our students, which I think has a great connection to the “Inside-Outside” theme.

  • http://twitter.com/kidschangeusa Kids Change theWorld

    Hear how Christopher Yao, 16, was supported and inspired by a few special teachers who made Christopher into an international educator himself. With his teachers’ inspiration and guidance throughout elementary and junior high school, Christopher developed one of the world’s leading youth led nonprofit organizations recognized multiple times by two US Presidents, Kids Change the World (www.kidschangetheworld.org), to incorporate service learning into classrooms and students’ lives. He has also funded 60 surgeries and provides hundreds free online educational materials and resources to students around the world–all by the influence of his teachers. Christopher has long talked about the importance of teachers in students’ lives..Please contact media@kidschangetheworld.org or 507.242.6434 https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=nCm34pPQUU0

  • Sean Dagony-Clark

    I created a long-term faculty professional development program that has run at Riverdale Country School for the last three years. I’d like to share its genesis, foundations, and outcomes, plus some ideas on how to build PD that changes things from within. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7b94GmFIuw4

  • Monica Burns

    I’d love to share the way students use iPads in my 1:1 classroom! Here’s my video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QHOVYzQemA and please check out my blog: http://ClassTechTips.com

  • Rita Zeinstejer

    Even though I am not from NYC I’d be delighted to participate in this event, if possible!!, so I’ve posted my video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-3oX4nkBy0&feature=youtu.be

  • Jason Leath

    I have been working on a better tool for student’s feedback/assessment, and I am currently using video feedback as that tool. My application to TEDxNYED is here: http://youtu.be/TJWjwwnNQTw and information on my research and practices can be found here: http://jasonaleath.weebly.com/action-research.html

  • Reshan Richards

    Hi – would love to be a part of this event. I ‘d be excited to share experiences and anecdotes about students’ pushing boundaries and coming up with things that designers/grown-ups/”experts” never imagined.

  • http://twitter.com/RevDrSchmidt Gary Schmidt

    Hi! I’d love a chance to present a unique topic at TEDxNYED. Most people are aware of how statistical analysis has infiltrated the mainstream today, appearing everywhere from fantasy sports to gambling to Nate Silver’s correct prediction of all 50 states’ election results in 2012. FEW, though, have ever thought to apply this kind of analysis to how we read and process literary texts. In my short TEDx talk, I’d love to show that bringing this “outside” methodology “inside” the world of humanities produces some fascinating results, and actually foreshadows how many of our screenagers will process what they read in the 21st century. Take a look at http://youtu.be/lbmwG4KtM3A

  • MiChelle Carpenter


    The intersection of race, class and access to education is a topic which, if I let it, would take up almost all of my bandwidth! I have a unique perspective as an educator, having spent significant chunks of time on both sides of the divide, in some of the most affluent and most impoverished schools in the country. Both spheres are largely segregated by race and socioeconomics, including the teachers, who are often products of the environments in which they labor. I would love to share my thoughts about what school segregation “looks” like, and maybe even reignite a dialogue where Jonathan Kozol’s revolutionary work left off..

    You can watch my video here: http://vimeo.com/60588999

  • Math Munch

    Our Video
    We’re three math teachers from Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn. Together we write Math Munch, a weekly digest of the mathematical internet. Through our blog we help students get inside the mathematical world that exists outside of our classrooms. We’d love to share our story and goals with you at TEDxNYED!

    • http://twitter.com/ThinkThankThunk Shawn Cornally


  • http://www.facebook.com/RossCoops31 Ross Cooper

    It would be both an honor and a pleasure to speak at TEDxNYED. I would like to talk about my district’s elementary level STEM initiative, and the factors that have helped it to absolutely thrive. Then, the focus would be on an entirely original fourth grade STEM project that I created, Pinball Wizard. Emphasis would be placed on unique ways in which to “package” STEM/PBL experiences in order to increase student engagement and buy in, and also the ways in which inquiry-based learning can take place while still making sure that solid pedagogy never gets left behind.

    Pinball Wizard video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywoXcE0cvRc
    Pinball Wizard website: http://tinyurl.com/buk8mhf

  • Brandi (Kaseta) Whitewolf

    Smart Girls at the Party would love to be a part of this – it’s an online network (starring Amy Poehler) that aims to help the process of cultivating the authentic selves for young women.

  • Lucy Snyder

    Here is the link to my video!

    • http://twitter.com/lostinrecursion Paul Salomon

      Great story. I’d love to see her speak.

      • Coach McKenna

        Go Lucy! Good luck

        • Lucy Snyder

          THANK YOU MR. MCKENNA Good luck to you too!

    • Sof

      Lucy someone linked me to this BUT YOU’RE HERE AND I LOVE YOU

  • Michael Mitchell

    I’m an educator and maker who believes that using the right tools and asking the right questions will allow both students and teachers to reimagine learning. http://youtu.be/qvOLsZTveKM

  • Coach McKenna

    I hope we can tell the story of how nine people helped to change the culture in a school of nearly 6000 in Ft. Greene, Brooklyn.

  • Vishnu Sanigepalli

    Here is my video, http://youtu.be/4Zxj4s2Fx4Q

    As as student, I find it fun to teach others and help them understand deeper on any topic given. It would be even more fun, If I was to present at TED and share my experience that has aided my friends and my students.

    “I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework.” ~Edith Ann
    I would like the students of the future to say this quote heartily, it helps exemplify their curiosity in that particular subject.

    Thank you,
    Vishnu Sanigepalli

  • http://twitter.com/garystager Gary Stager, Ph.D.

    My video will be up later on the 28th. Stay tuned!

  • Ahmed Abdelqader

    Hello! My colleague Jason Nadboy and I wish to submit our video for the TEDxNYED casting call:

    As students, we believe we have a lot more power in education reform than most people think. We want to show educators that students can make a difference. For example, Jason and I created “MathMatters!”, a student driven and student led program that has expanded since its humble beginning two years ago.

  • Daniel Lipin

    One of my goals as a science teacher is to help my students become proficient at judging what makes a good scientific experiment. Every year I give a class that I call ‘Bad Science’, where I use the placebo effect to convince my students that a bottle of soda can give them amazing powers. My students learn to criticize my experimentation and then take their new found skills and apply the same criticisms to scientific claims behind many of the products that they have been exposed to. It is a fun and interesting class and I would love to share the story at TEDxNYED in 2013: http://youtu.be/Upu7x4dgR6M

  • http://twitter.com/garystager Gary Stager, Ph.D.

    Here is my video submission – https://vimeo.com/60800909

  • JP Connolly

    Hi folks. I’m a Technology Director and science teacher in Brooklyn, and I’d love to to tell a three part story about microbiology, technology in education, and the state of education in general. Using modern microbiology’s short history as a backdrop to explore how we need to have our worlds turned upside down every couple years to keep the ball rolling forward. No gross out slides, I promise.

    Here’s my video:

  • Patrick Sheehan

    Here we go. This one cheap solution is the biggest low-hanging fruit in education reform:

  • Ava Bynum

    It is time to rethink how we want our children to learn. Ava Bynum, founder and executive director of Hudson Valley Seed, hopes to speak at TEDxNYED 2013 to discuss innovative ways to utilize the natural world as a teaching tool, engage students in critical thinking, and bring vitality to schools suffering from increasingly tough standards and a waning resource pool. Currently she is establishing educational year-round gardens in Beacon NY’s four elementary schools.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tyleralterman Tyler Alterman

    Hi TEDxNYED!

    Here’s the casting call vid for me and my project, The Think Tank: http://vimeo.com/60801826

    As my senior thesis project in the CUNY Macaulay Honors College, The Think Tank will be a lab-on-wheels and cognitive science education station. For more info, check out our coverage by Wired: http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2013-02/25/the-think-tank

    Tyler Alterman
    Think Tank Creator

  • Madison Graboyes

    We are the LitWorld team and I am the Global Community Developer. I would like to share our model for how we create a literacy rich community with middle school students in high risk communities. We use a unique strength-based, resilience-building model to share inspirational reading and writing lessons. Our model is called the LitClub and it is spreading both in the United States and around the world. It belongs to the members of the community and gets adapted by them to meet the specific kinds of literacy needs they have.