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  1. Leon says:

    Was there last year. Wonderful to have Alan November start… Wish I were there!
    There was always such a air of anticipation. Hope I can get the live stream?!
    Enjoy the new digs…

  2. Jill Bonina says:

    looking forward to following your conference online, to hear/see all my favorite ed tech speakers

  3. Chris Iasiello says:

    So excited for TEDXNYED

  4. JudyArzt says:

    Enjoying all the voices and suggested sources of information. Thank you.

  5. I’m a former teacher who now runs her own PR firm. Have been drawn into this discussion, and am excited that I can share. You’re making me nostalgic for my teaching days!

  6. I would like to share Ten Penny Players’ online report on art in special education and inclusive settings — “Reprising Joy” by Barbara Fisher

    Reprising Joy — Ten Penny Players

    Of which Adelaide Dupont wrote: “Not all learners are good test takers”. Exactly so! I’m really loving this recent narrative about the work of Ten Penny Players on Staten Island. The art and the relationships are here intertwined.

  7. Jerri Davis says:

    The speakers are always informed and forward thinking. I learn so much from them.

  8. Barbara Bray says:

    Less of us and more of students. I’m designing a playshop where students are the facilitators of PBL for the teacher groups.

    • Tracey says:

      I am interested in your project based learning project. Please keep me posted as to the progress of your project.

  9. Thibyra says:

    Great ! this is rerally a good opportunity to get in touch with some marvelous things people are doing around the world. It is also exiting to know that no matter where we are, we do our best to make children and teens believe they can broaden horizons and grow up a better person.

    Thibyra ( Brazil )

  10. JFGuild says:

    trying to figure this out.

  11. Lorraine says:

    I appreciated elemenous’ tweet directing me to the TedX conference this a.m. I really enjoyed all of the presenters! There were a few virtual colleagues who would have enjoyed hearing the speakers but bandwidth prevented them from accessing the stream. I wonder if a voicestream option would be something to consider another year. Thanks again!

  12. Cathy Swan says:

    Hi and thanks to the organizers of yesterday’s event. I left with my head swimming with what I need to do next and wondering how I can best capture and use what I heard. The speakers were so inspirational and the 15 minute segments asked them to distill their message to the essentials. Kudos!
    My one suggestion would have to do with networking time. The breaks allowed for a dash to the restroom, a quick refreshment and back to our seats. I would like to see 4 less speakers which would buy us an hour of extra networking time allowing for two 30 minute breaks and an hour at lunch. I was surrounded by people I wanted to talk to and never really had the time. I arrived with 50 business cards and left with 45. I wanted to be apologizing for not bringing enough!
    Having said that, I want to reiterate how much I loved loved loved being there. The energy was amazing, the speakers were superb, I appreciated the variety and look forward to another event next year.
    Thanks for all your hard work and the magnificent views from the 40th floor!
    Cathy Swan, technology integration
    New Canaan Public Schools
    New Canaan, CT

  13. I am interesting to get the conference.

    Att claudia

  14. Grace White says:

    For months, I have waited, hopeful to get to TedxNYED.b I was not disappointed. The day was a brain spa event. The setting-breathtaking, and TedxNYED crew were marvelously generous and friendly. Felt like we were soaring above the world with the views and presentations. Most moved by will Richardson and Morley. Am Novemberized! left with lots to consider and reflect upon. Will share my nes learnings with peers.
    It was a class act day. Thank you for your hard work.
    Most appreciated,
    Grace White

  15. Tim Holt says:

    Well, my above link is apparently too long… so let’s try this one:

    My thoughts on the TEDx viewed from 2500 miles and a different socio economic status away.

  16. J A Ginsburg says:

    Very interesting day! Last year, I hung on the livestream, so it was really great to see it live.

    I can’t believe you pulled off such a large event in the wake of TEDActive—hats off to all…

    fyi: “TEDxNYED: Innovation & the Future in an Era of Cutbacks”

    (on twitter @vizlearning)

    (on twitter @vizlearning)

  17. AJ Kelton says:

    Great event! Curators, Hosts, Presenters, Volunteers – all deserve kudos for a job exceptionally well done.

    Here are my brief thoughts on the day, but also a twitter hashtag I’ve started for the K-12 revolution #k12revo – read about it here


  18. Wayne K Lin says:

    There was great energy and purpose in the room. Having been at last year’s TEDxNYED, I didn’t take notes this year as I wanted to just absorb information (knowing the video will be online later helped). I did, however, take some photos. Sorry for any excessive clicking on my part :)

  19. Basil Kolani says:

    Not my reflection on the day’s content, but something more from an organizational perspective:

  20. Becky Bair says:

    Here are my thoughts on the event Saturday. Hope to be able to participate again.

  21. Gary Stager says:

    Thanks to the hard-working organizers who hosted TEDxNYED and treated the speakers with such kindness.

    My virtual handout for the event is at

    I hope to post a recording of the talk I had “hoped” to deliver in the very near future.

  22. AP says:

    Great speakers, great topics, very informative.

    Wrote a brief re-cap on my non-profit’s blog here:

  23. Liz Davis says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to attend my first TED talks. It was an interesting and thought provoking experience. I just blogged about it here: My TEDxNYED Revelation, Takeaways and a Suggestion:

    • Basil Kolani says:

      Liz, we’ve already talked about scaling down the number of speakers. Maybe not the scope of the day, but likely fewer speakers accompanied by a hands-on (or heads-on) workshop or action project. That would help, right?

      Don’t get me wrong — I’m proud of what we put on, but people were leaving at the end (hopefully) out of sheer exhaustion.

  24. Paula Lenox says:

    Is there an archive to watch? I was not able to attend on Saturday? THank you.

  25. Just wrote a short reflection piece on what TEDxNYED taught me, that sometimes the biggest problems demand small solutions.

  26. Tim Sanders says:

    Are the videos posted yet, and where can I find them? Thank you.

  27. Edith Schneider says:

    What is the cost of attending the conference just for the day?

  28. Vicki Cobb says:

    I’m doing something so innovative that it may require some thought before you understand its significance. (BTW I’m the author of about 90 award-winning science books for children, including the classic Science Experiments You Can Eat.)

    “I just typed up my notes from this morning and as I was typing, I felt my excitement really mushrooming! I’m so thrilled about this venture…. Again, I’m so pumped about this innovative journey on which we’re about to embark, and look forward to working with you!” These were the words I received from Dave Kaplan, principal of the Bogert Elementary School in Saddle River NJ about our pilot project with them starting now. He had “gotten” my vision for a truly outside-the-box proposal (you can read it here: about a school-wide project with collaboration between teachers and nine award-winning children’s nonfiction authors. When he shared the idea with his staff, he asked for nine volunteers, one to work with each author. He got 28! His entire faculty! We proposed to be facilitating literacy skills, in-depth content through reading and writing about engaging books that are plugged into the curriculum. But what we’re really selling is inspiration and excitement. And that, as they say in that Master Card ad, is “priceless!” By March we’ll know a lot more. I would like to be considered as a presenter for the TEDxNYED conference.